Classic 2 Day Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse with a Vegan Nut Milk


2 Day Juice Cleanse Variety of 5 Juices including ; 3 green based juices and 2 fruit based juices & 1 nut milk shake a day.


What Is Included :

5 Juices and 1 Vegan Nut Milk shake Per Day

850-880 Calories for the day Depending on the juices selected

Juices Included ( due to seasonal Availability )

  • Variety of 3 Green Juices – Prima Donna, Clean Green , Grateful Green
  • Variety of 2 Fruit Juices – Whatever is available due to season : Ginger snap Apple, Cinnapple , Watermelon Flushy , Orange Ya Glad , Gin n Juice , Peace Punch
  • 1 Vegan Nut Milk Shake – one of the following : Banana Slamma , Strawberry Fields , Emerald City

Why do this cleanse ? :

Maybe you had a rough weekend , week or month of eating unhealthy foods that leave you feeling sluggish , bloated and just simply not great . This 2 day cleanse will help give your body the BREAK it needs to balance itself out again. Get yourself back on track, ditch the bad eating habits and get started with this great one day juice fast . It will be sure to help you get alkaline and feeling fresh.This cleanse will provide you with nutritious and delicious fruit and veggie juices mixed with herbs and spices that help nourish, energize and detox your body. Give your system a quick break from solid food but still provide your body with a nutrient packed liquid diet. This cleanse is perfect for new cleansers who may be intimidated to commit to a 3 day cleanse or seasoned cleansers who just need a quick reset.


*All cleanses are made to order and are not available in our store fridge*

We make cleanses / special orders every Monday and Thursday and kindly request 24-48 hour notice for all orders so you get the freshest produce and juice possible.

All orders can be picked up on juice days Monday and Thursdays or the following day between 4-6pm Our store is open daily and is stocked with a variety of flavors and items for grab and go.


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