Black Ginger – Aide

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Ingredients :


Lemon Juice


Maple Syrup

Activated Charcoal


Benefits :

Flushed the body of toxins & mold in the digestion tract, Alleviates gas and bloat, Helps rid you of a hangover .  PLEASE NOTE : * Consume additional water to maintain regularity , If taking medication consult w/ your doctor before consumig.

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1 review for Black Ginger – Aide

  1. Ryan Charzewski

    I bought a few of these off the Eat Clean Bro website. I bought it to have in the morning with my breakfast as a way to help detox the body. After getting over the fact that I was about to drink black water I took my first sip and it was delicious. I have only had it two times so far, but drinking it in the morning does help me feel more focused, energized and less bloated then normal. Definitely would recommend people giving it a shot. Tasty and so far I definitely feel like it has impacted the way I feel in the morning and at work in a positive manner.

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