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An Organic Cold Press Juice company at the Jersey Shore.

OFFERING ORGANIC fresh COLD pressed JUICE, Juice CLEANSES,  NUT MILK  Lemonades , PRESSED Ice Pops and Much More.
Located NOW at: 801 Main Street Unit 1G

In the Belmar Plaza Parking lot Mall , Belmar NJ

WE NOW OFFER DELIVERY to most of NJ and parts of NY & PA  !

ALL of our RAW Cold Pressed Juice is unprocessed , never heated , never pasteurized or HPP. Providing you with only TOP Quality organic cold pressed juice, tea and nut milk shakes packed in every bottle.

We Are Nourished By Nature … Are You ?

Always Raw
Always Organic
Never Pasteurized

What Makes Us different

We believe in helping people feel good again . That starts with what you Nourish your body with. It’s simple your health is your wealth.

We begin with high quality , fresh, organic ingredients and then even take it a step further and through much research have included specific Herbs & Spices in some of our juices, nut milks and tea.

The healing & cleansing power of herbs have been used for centuries and can be a huge advantage to your body when using them properly during a cleanse.

Our Story

( Owner / Founder : Cassandra Quarantello and her daughter  )

Nourished By Nature was born from a desire and a passion to help spread awareness of the importance of what we use to fuel, nourish and heal our body.

Owner, Cassandra Quarantello, started her journey to health over 15 years ago.

As a child she developed a very weak and compromised immune system causing her to be hospitalized several times from common illnesses like. Soon followed major stomach issues, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and becoming lactose intolerant. 

It wasn’t until years later that Cassandra started to connect her health to what food she was eating and the products she was using.  

While attending Rutgers University, she started to become aware of the benefits of eating a plant based diet. Her compassion for animals and the immediate feeling of change in her health with this new lifestyle, she decided to become a vegetarian. “I removed animal products from my diet and I began to incorporate juicing into my daily routine. The change was positively drastic. I felt amazing . My immune system was getting stronger and in about a year my stomach issues where completely gone and I rarely got sick .” 

Cassandra has expanded her knowledge for her own personal benefits and she wanted to share it with the world.  

After parting ways with her position within the corporate world, she was unsure of the path she wanted to take in life. One afternoon while  discussing options over a juice with her mother, her mother encouraged her to open her own cold pressed juice company . “ My parents are both entrepreneurs, so working for myself never scared me . All I needed was the encouragement and I hit the ground running.” 

Nourished by Nature launched in November 2014 and has since continued to grow and expand in products as well as offering delivery to most of NJ , parts of NY and PA,  as well as being actively involved in the local community. 

“Juicing changed my life, it brings me such joy when I can share my passion with others and see it positively effect theirs as well. In no way do I claim that juicing can cure anyone, I am not a doctor, I just know what worked for me. Your health IS your wealth. You only have one body why wouldn’t you want to take care of it.” 

Being a new mom has made the importance of this business even that more special to Cassandra. Showing her daughter how to live a healthy lifestyle as well as being a role model for her has become a personal goal.


Why Cold Pressed Juice And Whats Different About it?

Cold-pressing juice is a method of juicing that enables nutrient dense and live enzyme packed juice to be bottled without preservatives or pasteurization while maintaining a 3-4 day shelf life . It is made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. No heat or oxygen is produced in the process, so no nutrients are lost or destroyed. Typical household juicers and juice bar juicers are most likely centrifugal machines. The heat developed from the process and blade of these machines oxidizes the juice while separating nutrients naturally found in the whole fruits and vegetables, rendering those nutrients that make it into the juice less pure. That juice must be consumed immediately due to the fact that the nutrients and enzymes die quickly, within the first 15 min of being juiced. Cold pressed juices are known to have higher nutrient and vitamin content, live enzymes, and will only start to naturally break down after 72 hours, allowing this juice to be bottles and consumed over the proceeding days. In the end cold pressed juice is one of the purest, raw and nutrient dense juice you can consume. Drinking cold pressed juice can help you increase your daily raw fruit and vegetable intake as well as whole food vitamins. Many people swear by the health benefits of cold pressed juice and attribute it to increased energy, weight loss and better overall health . We are not doctors and can not guarantee these results …but we can tell you its delicious.

Common FAQs

There are a few different methods of juicing. Most common juicers are ‘centrifugal’ and process is as followed : A blade inside a juicer spins at a high speed which results in the generation of heat. Fruits and veggies are passed through the machine and shredded while separating the fibers from the juice. Heat from this blade and process oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in whole fruit and vegetables rendering those nutrients less pure. This juice must be consumed immediately, due to the fact that the compromised nutrients and enzymes die quickly ( within the first 15 min after being juiced) . Nourished by Nature uses a different method of juicing called cold pressed. Cold pressing is a method that enables juice to be bottled without preservation or pasteurization . This juicing method produces the most pure and nutrient rich juice.

We use a large commercial cold pressed juicer called the Good Nature x1 . After the fruit and veggies are prepared they are ground by a slow moving blade. The resulting pulp then drops in to a woven cloth bag that is then pressed by two stainless steal plates which place thousands of pounds of pressure on either side of the bag to extract every last drop . This process producers little to no heat, which results in delicious, flavor-filled juice with incredible nutritional value and intact nutrients and enzymes. The juice can then be bottles and kept for three to five days ( depending on the content ). The finished juice contains five times amount of vitamins and live enzymes as a centrifugal juicer.

HPP stands for “High Pressure Processing” and is used to preserve juice without heat .  It preserves and sterilizes food and juice by applying high pressure.   Similar to pasteurization, HPP extends the shelf life of raw juices up to 30 days. The high pressure deactivates certain micro-organisms and enzymes in the food. This slows the decomposition by stopping the chemical activity caused by micro-organisms.

The drawback for a consumer is that you will be drinking a sterilized juice which may have a compromised nutrient value and could be as old as 30 days . Any juice that is purchased in a bottle at a third party store or purchased online and shipped to you is required to be pasteurized . WE DON’T USE HPP. Rest assure that all of the juice we make is made fresh to order when orders are placed.  We press our juice in store 2-3 times a week, and they are promptly removed from our fridge after the listed expiration date. 
We believe, at Nourished, that one of the main benefits of a juice cleanse is to give your body a break with the support of organic energy to help heal and detox . Harmful toxins are in the air we breathe, food we eat, products we use and beverages we drink .  Our bodies use much of its energy breaking down food in the digestion track. Toxins are then processed through the liver. This is our bodies natural cleansing and detoxing process. By removing solid food and replacing it with only raw, organic , nutrient-rich juice, the body is fueled and little digestion needed. This nutrient dense, raw, live and vitamin-packed juice is quickly absorbed in the lining of the stomach. This provides the immediate absorption of organic nutrients and pure energy, with the added benefit of natural healing properties.
The body saves the extra energy and uses it to flush the digestion track , reduce inflammation and help cleanse and rest the detoxing organs. This time spent cleansing allows the body to divert its attention to issues, injuries, and ailments that need extra TLC. After a three to six day cleanse most people feel more energized , lighter, clear-minded , well-rested and leaner. In 3 -6 days the system has likely flushed any remaining particles in the digestion tract, reduced inflammation throughout the body, and rid your body of most allergens and toxins . Slowly introducing food groups back into the diet is recommended, as you will be able to see how specific foods impact your body and will encourage you to make better health choices, in the future.

What to Expect When Doing a Cleanse

When starting a cleanse we suggest yo go on a pre-cleanse diet, which is a plant-based diet, for 2-3 days ( a one day minimum is highly recommended ). During this time you should slowly eliminate things like: sugar, coffee, meat, and dairy from your diet prior to your cleanse. The day before you start your cleanse, your diet will consist of vegan diet with no stimulants and rich in fruit, veggies ,  and light grains. We recommend the day before a cleanse eating salads, brothy plant based soups , veggies and fruit. Keep your diet light and simple to allow an easy transition from food to liquid. This is not necessary but highly recommended. In our experience those who followed these recommendations had an easier and more pleasant experience.
Everyone has a different experience ranging from pleasant to not-so-pleasant . Individual observations consist of ( but are not limited to ) increased energy, no hunger, restful sleep, and an overall feeling of lightness and well-being. On the flip side, some individuals go through minor “withdrawal” symptoms, which can include: headaches, irritability, feeling tired, acid reflux, and frequent bathroom use. Headaches is the most common negative side effect. Not everyone experiences these symptoms, and everybody is different. The experience often depends on current diet, health, and how you have prepped for the cleanse. The longer the preparation yields a smoother transition. A lot of variables need to be considered when talking about reactions to fasting. Our suggestions again is to prepare your body before had if you are worried.
While on a cleanse you will not be consuming any solid food, vitamins , supplements and or medication ( please consult your doctor first if your on medication ). You are encouraged to drink herbal or green tea , water  and if necessary you may have lettuce, cucumbers and watermelon if you need to eat something .
Again, everyone is different, most people have a lean feeling, more energy, and an overall feeling of well-being. We suggest that you continue on a post-cleanse diet, which is slowly reintegration of each food group to your diet, one day at a time and sticking to an all vegetarian diet (with no stimulants) for at least one day after completion. Most people experience a “shrinking of the stomach” and are satisfied with smaller meals.
The most common effects we hear from customers post cleanse is they feel lighter , more energized , have a clear mind and desire to make better food and health choices.

Health & Cleanse Related FAQ’s

Our juice and cleanses are perfect for average,heathy people however, there are certain individuals who should proceed with caution when consuming cold pressed juice. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any specific health issues (or on medication) we suggest you consult your health care professionals if your concerned before partaking in our cleanses. we are here to help in any way we can, but we are not doctors.

This answer varies. Most likely, yes—simply because you are not eating solid food. Your body will be shedding excess waste that has been stored in your digestive tract. We try not to focus on weight loss as a goal rather  focus on your body being able to rest, detox, and balance itself. We do realize weight loss is important and motivating to some people . We suggest doing a cleanse before starting a diet or attempting to transition into a healthy lifestyle. This can give you a great advantage and jump start your metabolism for weightless. Balancing your body and slowly introducing healthy food into your diet is great way to keep your body on track.

Since our juice is raw and not pasteurized nor preserved, the shelf life and most nutritionally beneficial time to consume is 3-5 days from when its juiced depending on the content. It must be kept refrigerated at all times. The expiration dates are marked on each bottle.

We process nuts in our facility. We do not use the same machines for our juices as we do use our nuts and are very careful, but cross contamination is possible. We do not guarantee that you will not have a reaction.

We give 100% attention to quality of our product. 
We are a small grass roots local business.
We try to support local farms whenever possible
We are against any form of preservation or pasteurization, yes, we are raw.
We take care in formulating our blends, including herbs and healing spices in some of our juices.
We offer a variety of other organic products.
We love to donate to other local organizations and partake in multiple fund raiser events regularly . Owner Cassandra Quarantello is passionate about the welfare of animals and will host, support and attend adoption events and fund raisers regularly.
We love our customers , we love our juice and are passionate about helping you !

Ordering Questions

You can place your order via the online shop , email us or call us. 
We make juice / cleanses / orders every MONDAY and THURSDAY and kindly request notice for all orders so you get the freshest produce and juice possible. Orders for MONDAY pick up must be placed by SATURDAY 5pm and for THURSDAY pick up must be placed by TUESDAY 6pm. All orders can be picked up on these days or the following day Between 4-5pm. (exact time frame will be discussed prior ). There is no minimum order requirement. If you have a specific start date for a cleanse that you would like please contact us prior to ordering . Our store is open daily and is stocked with a variety of flavors and items for grab and go. Cleanses are not available in store for grab and go and must be ordered prior. 
If your ordering for delivery please contact us for details.

We ar sorry! due to the nature of our product and short shelf life, we do not ship to any area outside of NJ or our delivery location areas.

YES ! We now offer delivery to most of NJ , Parts of PA and NY ! You must contact us via phone (908-907-5893)at this time to set up a delivery . We offer delivery 2x a week ( Monday is for local in area delivery and Tuesdays for all other areas ) Delivery is $10. Contact us today for more info .

We DO offer wholesale options on our Lemonades , Teas and Infused Waters. These unique and healthy options are a perfect addition to and retail store, food store, fitness studio , gym ect.

Unfortunately at this time we can not wholesale our Juice . Our juice is NOT pasteurized and as per state law any raw juice being wholesaled MUST be pasteurized. This is to protect you the 3rd party retailer as well as the consumer. Any “raw cold pressed juice” being sold by a 3rd party retailer as well as being shipped via mail is pasteurized (aka HPP).

If you have questions about our wholesale items and prices please email or call us. 908-907-5893

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